About Us

JB Elite Corporation History

JB Elite Corporation was founded in the year 2015. It was established mainly to serve the test handler needs of every semiconductor company all throughout the entire Philippines. With the partnership of the top caliber manufacturer of test handlers in the world, JB Elite Corporation made an impact in the semiconductor world and grew its market rapidly within 2 years period. World class manufacturers of other test equipment and consumables joined its core team to offer a complete solution for every customer requirement. Because of its established network, JB Elite Corporation is now making an impact also in the front of line, end of line, and quality assurance segments of each semiconductor customer that it is serving. This is being realized with its partnership with the well-known companies providing solutions for each of these semicon segments.

JB Elite Corporation expanded its market and it also covers the electronics, automotive, food packaging, dental, medical, plastic injection, fabrication, firearms and ammunitions industries. The portfolio of this company is packed with the products commonly used in these companies and continue to grow its partners in order to provide the best and competitive solutions for the customers.

Moving forward, JB Elite Corporation is eyeing to expand its market overseas and to be known worldwide. We aim to be competent and to be the global leader in providing the best technology, process, products and solutions to our semiconductor and non-semiconductor customers.


To be a one stop shop for our customer’s needs. To be on top in providing the best and cost effective solutions to
our customer


To be the leader in providing the best technology, process, product and after sales service in the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, and other industries wherein our product lines and services are applicable.

Business Mantra

Customer satisfaction is our

Customer’s success is our success!

Our Certification

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